Five Questions to Always Ask Your Home Builder Contractor

Does He Have Insurance To Back Him Up?

A reputable and professional home builder contractor will have all of his bases covered, including having a complete insurance and bonded policy that will protect you and your home during the course of the construction process. Without these important policies in place, if there is damage to your home or if someone is injured in your home, you will not be financially liable.  รับสร้างบ้าน

  • Always ask to see copies of the policies
  • If your home builder contractor does not have copies, find out why? and decided if he is worth keeping or not.

Does He Have A List Of References I Can Call?

A list of references is the most important part of any business professionals portfolio; by providing you with a list of happy customers that you can contact, your home builder contractor is allowing you an opportunity to find out how the construction experience was for his prior clientele. Call a few of the references and ask them a few key questions:

  • Was the construction experience a positive one for you?
  • Did he exceed the time-line?
  • Do you have anything negative that you would like to share?
  • Did he stay within budget?

How Many workers are we talking about?

This is an important question simply because you certainly do not want dozens of strange and unfamiliar people tramping through your home during the construction process. Your home builder contractor should give you a clear understanding of how many employees he will bring into your home, and he should also introduce you to every person so that you establish a level of familiarity with them.

The Job Will Take How long?

A home builder contractor who is professional and experienced will be able to give you a clear definition of how long he expects the project to take his team to complete. It is important to keep in mind that there are things that could crop up during the construction phase and cause unexpected delays. With effective communication from both you and your home builder contractor, the unexpected delays can be handled in a professional and timely fashion.

What About My Budget?

At the start of the construction phase, you should be certain that your home builder contractor is well aware of your set budget for the project. Ask to see a project budget-breakdown worksheet so that you can understand where every penny of the project is spent. Make sure that he is well aware that you budget limit is set in stone, many extra costs on your end can make his reputation unaccountable.

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