Not Sure About The Reverse Funnel System & Ty Coughlin?

The Reverse Funnel System promises big profits with no selling. This may be true but the amount of traffic needed to realize these big profits is staggering and very expensive. I personally know a RFS member who spent over $1,500.00 on a co-op advertising campaign that yielded over 1,000 clicks to her page that resulted in 0 sales.

The RFS guarantees you will see a $5,000.00 monthly income within your first 60 days with their system (if you follow their instruction). Can this be real? What’s my investment? By my estimation a member would have to drive about 1,500 people through their page every month to make this money. That could cost thousands in banners and pay per click advertising. Is it all really worth it? Will the ends justify the means? Don’t let all this get you down. There is a better way.

Let’s get back to the member who had no luck with their campaign. Even though they did not yield any sales from their $1,500.00 campaign this member is realizing big profits with the RFS system. Last I heard they were averaging $25,000.00 per month in revenues! This person is realizing real success because they bought down-line from a successful team with real knowledge of the industry and how to make things happen. clickfunnels $631 Sure you will always get into campaigns that won’t be profitable but as long as you have a good foundation you can take risks to find out what new things are working or not. The fact that this member was making significant revenues allowed them to experiment.

Now, how about that claim that RFS can produce income very early. This is absolutely true but only if you buy in via a competent up-line team that will be there to instruct you along the way and share their secrets on advertising and such. Your mentors in this will be invaluable. Imagine you were stuck out in the cold and made that $1,500.00 investment right out of the gate only to be farther in the hole.

I have recently joined a quality team utilizing the RFS system and I can’t tell you how fantastic things have been. It was wonderful to be able to talk to someone who helped me jumpstart my business and invest my dollars into proven techniques and laser targeted advertising that did earn me the income as promised.

Do not buy from just anybody. The system is only as good as the team you are buying into. Check and see if the member is offering their phone number. If they are, call them and interview them. Find out who you will be dealing with. This really is a team sport. If they don’t offer a phone number or some contact info I would move on to someone else. The Reverse Funnel System will change your life. I promise you that! Just do your due diligence to make sure you are dealing with a successful team that will be there when you need them.

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