Pros and Cons of Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel System

Like any business opportunity, there are pros and cons with Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel system. Knowing what they are will help anyone considering this opportunity make an informed decision. An objective look at these pros and cons will hopefully encourage those who choose this opportunity to stick with it and accomplish their goals.

Ty Coughlin’s program definitely costs quite a bit. This could be looked at as a negative factor since it seriously stops a lot of people from participating. clickfunnels pricing discount The main product promoted by Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel is $3000 and this is certainly on the steep end of most home based network marketing opportunities.

There is an additional monthly fee of $299 for the reverse funnel system itself. This means that those who are not very familiar with marketing and who have to go through a learning curve, would have to invest this amount before they begin to see some profits.

The structure of the compensation plan means that new members have to be brought in consistently for money to be made. This is another con of Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel. There is no residual income paid monthly because the main product is not paid for on a monthly basis.

Despite what some may claim, Ty Coughlin’s system requires work, a lot of work. So this is not for the couch potato. Although a lot of the normal road blocks have been minimized by the system, each member still has to take consistent and persistent action in their marketing.

However, unlike most network marketing programs, Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel allows anyone to build their business without chasing friends and family members. This is a huge benefit. It relieves the pressure of having to convince people and meet with a lot of rejection.

I personally like the marketing crash course you get with Ty Coughlin’s system. Basically, a total newbie can be shown where to place ads that pull in quality traffic. By following the steps, they learn a lot about marketing and can in turn market anything you want. The marketing skills you learn are for life.

Another pro of the Ty Coughlin reverse funnel is that it is an automated system. This is a very good thing because those who’re not tech savvy can plug into an already existing system. Most networkers are not familiar with building lead pages and writing sales letters and would rather focus on just marketing. This system provides them that edge.

The compensation plan of the main program promoted by the reverse funnel system is considered one of the very best in the industry. Based on the system of perpetual leverage, it pays out unlimited width and depth. It pays out $1000 commissions per sale with the platinum plan. This is very appealing to those who want to make good upfront income.

The cost of the reverse funnel main program can be seen by some as an advantage. Given that it is a top tier program that pays out well, it attracts people who’re really serious about making money. The idea is that anyone who shells out $3000 grand for an opportunity is more likely to work harder to realize their profits.

Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel boasts outstanding training as one of their top advantages. They hold daily conference calls about 5 or 6 days per week to help members. Plus they do follow up calls on members behalf to close those who’re on the fence.

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